New Weird Australia on Substack

Hey, we’ve weaned ourselves off Mailchimp, and have set up this Substack newsletter for our future emails.

This newsletter is the most direct way for us to share what New Weird Australia has been up to, and we’re going to pull focus away from chasing eyeballs on socials to concentrate more on this channel.

We've despaired many (many) times about social media; particularly about the 'bait and switch' from an original premise/promise of a thriving, engaged community; to a model that fails on so many levels to meaningfully connect us to the people and things that we give a fuck about. It seems like a simple thing to get right, but the most popular platforms are driven by other desires, and in doing so, they screw it up spectacularly. So you can expect to see a little less on Fa(r)cebook and a little more here.

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