Sia Ahmad is on the podcast, and the new compilation is on the way

And an exclusive listen to a new Sia Ahmad remix from producer Dijit.

Pinch and a punch for the first of the month. And while you're bruising from that burn, heal thyself with the news that there's a new New Weird Australia podcast out there

AND, in the opening moments of said podcast, there's news of the next New Weird Australia compilation too.  We'll save the written words for another time, so if you want to get the jump, you can stream this extended episode with Sia Ahmad.

Sia - as one of Canberra's finest weirdo music advocates, a Muslim living in the CBR bubble and a transgender woman making space for whatever comes next in her life - well, she has a lot to say, as you can imagine.  Which is why this podcast flexes a little longer than usual, but it's well worth the earbud time.

The episode comes bundled with tracks from her recent releases - 2018's ground-breaking "quiver"; the 2020 albums im/modesty and A Body Full Of Tears; and the upcoming remix collection Realignment.  And, given that the latter drops on Friday (5th March), we also have something of an exclusive herein - a remix of flaw, featured by Egyptian producer Dijit.  If you haven't heard his 2020 record Hyperattention, jump on it - especially if you're a fan of Tricky's smoky, stoned production.

Listen now on the website or - BETTER YET - subscribe to the New Weird Australia podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your damn podcasts.

When complete, go and mark FRIDAY APRIL 2ND in the diary.  We'll see you then for the next New Weird AU compilation.

And before / after (depends), we’ll also be talking with Bridget Chappell aka Hextape on the next podcast. Check out their new-ish EP, 2 Fast 2 Furious: Forever Drifting, on Bandcamp to get (re)acquainted.

So it goes
Stu x

P.S..If this is your first Substack from New Weird Australia, then a big freaking ‘hello’ to you. Thanks for getting to the finish line x