Space Between Space - our new compilation is out now

28-track compilation of unreleased music from across Australia and the experimental spectrum - available as Name Your Price for Bandcamp Friday

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We are living in a liminal point in time; rummaging through the detritus of an aberrant year, with no real sense of what comes next. It’s unsettling and fucked up and unreal. Looking for resolution feels pointless; we’re flanked by the feeling that this moment is perpetual. Nowhere is everywhere, everywhen is now.

We called out to artists to explore this idea, and our new compilation, Space Between Space, collects twenty-eight responses. All of the work is new and unreleased, created in and around this splinter in time. Responses range from the anxious to the audacious, the tumultuous to the transcendental. All propositions are valid.

Experienced in one-sitting, it’s a work that moves through four parts: quiet, loud, broken and fixed. Music of inquiry, of anger, of loss, of promise - and the space between all such things.

Space Between Space is available now as a Name Your Price offer from Bandcamp, with all proceeds donated to the Barpirdhila appeal, which supports Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander artists & community affected by COVID-19.

A massive thanks to all the artists who contributed to the release: Onomino, Penelope Trappes, Millenium Cowboy, Plyanci, DroomData, Match Fixer, Uuxe, Friendships, Horse Macgyver, Party Dozen, Collector, Shoeb Ahmad, Night Dives, Sumn Conduit, Leven Canyon, Megan Alice Clune, K Wilson, PiP, eves, Laurence Pike, Clinton Green, T. Wilds, Noom, E Fishpool x 黑芝麻, Hannans, Greta Now, Slow Point, Decadent Discord and huge <3 to Anywhen Studio for the design.

If you’re making music and are interested in contributing to a future compilation, say hello at

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